RCES Ferro alloy
powders are used in
bulk powder mixes
for the hardfacing
About RCES

RCES Ltd is a private limited company established in 1988 in the City of Sheffield. The main concerns of our worldwide activities are the manufacture of Ferro alloy powders for the hardfacing and welding industries.

We also supply alloy steels for specialist applications such as Hydro power. 90% of our production is exported around the world, and we are totally committed to serving our customers with high quality products backed up with our trusted service and competitive pricing structure.


Sheffield is centrally located in England very close to the M1 and M62 motorways
which connect the north, south, east and west of England. We therefore benefit from
easy access to all UK seaports. This access provides RCES with excellent facilities for
importing of raw materials and exporting of finished goods.

Manufacturing facilities

Our manufacturing facilities include crushing, grinding, screening and blending.
We specialise in powdering Ferrochromium.


RCES Ferro alloy powders are used in bulk powder mixes for the hardfacing industry,
in products such as overlay steel plate, pipes and rolls and provide a superior wear resistant
coating. The company also sells alloy powders to the welding industry for use in flux-cored
wire and welding electrodes.


Understanding the technical requirements and working along side our customers to satisfy their ongoing needs is at the core of our business. For example, improving powder flow and reducing fines along with consistent batch to batch chemical analysis, allows RCES to deliver precise powders that offer superior welding integrity. We can therefore offer technical and cost saving benefits to our customers, who rely on our powders to provide extended service life in extremely aggressive environments involving abrasion, erosion and impact.